Bat Flats (Micro bat houses)

Did you know that micro bats can be as small as a butterfly and can eat up to 50% of their own weight in disease carrying mosquitoes and sandflies every night. After reading about a competition to build "Bat Flats" in northern NSW, our members discovered that micro bats are under threat all along our east coast due to loss of habitat through urbanization. It is in everyone's best interest to provide the little guys with somewhere to live during the heat of the day.

A group of guys at our shed are now building bat flats and these are available for purchase by anyone wanting to give the little insect eaters a safe roosting place. In return, the micro bats will once again begin to control the growing flying insect menace!

The "Bat Flats" are designed to be attached to trees at a suitable height away from ground based predators and on the opposite side of the tree from any strong winds.